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The first hand-mounted flashlight and the start of a revolution.

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ValoNite is the world's first hand mounted torch, able to shine a bright beam of light onto whatever you're working on. Often with head-mounted torches, you get light where you're looking but not where you need it. In lots of situations, your hands are doing the work and pointing at the area you need to be brightened - for example, mechanics, climbers and extreme sports, police and SWAT teams or campers.


  • Patented magnetic Y wrist moulded strap keeps Valo on hand yet hands-free,
  • Patented Bike/Camera/Magnet lock system frees up your hands for difficult tasks,
  • Universal screw mount fits any tripod for increased versatility,
  • 2x Li-ion batteries provide 6400mAh of power,
  • Can also be powered by 3x AAs when you don't have access to a charger,
  • Fully Sealed to IP68X,
  • Made from ultra-tough glass reinforced nylon,
  • Hard anodised aluminium body.

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  • 300g
  • 1500 Lumen LED
  • 10m Waterproof
  • 4000 Minutes duration
  • 1/4 stainless steel thread
  • Powered by 2 batteries

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climbing hand torch, hand torch for climbers, hand torch, industrial design london