Brighter Bikes indicator and braking system (as seen on TV, Dragon’s Den 2018)

Brighter Bikes indicator and braking system (as seen on TV, Dragon’s Den 2018) LUMA-iD is the proud design & manufacturing team of the Brighterbikes indicator and brake light system. The innovative design and the application managed to impressed the high demanding judges and… See more info here: Dragons Den   Designed, engineered, tested […]

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Keyless Bass Clarinet

Keyless Bass Clarinet   The Bass Clarinet The bass clarinet is a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family of instruments, and is one of several types of clarinet. Though not the largest of clarinets (that honour goes to the enormous contrabass clarinet) the bass clarinet is of significant size […]

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SMART Analysis

WHAT IS SMART ANALYSIS? by Mark Little A very effective way of decision-making is the process of SMART analysis. When having to make comparisons between, several products or designs, it is important to do your research and take this into consideration to ensure you make an informed decision. SMART analysis […]

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Cradle to Cradle

CRADLE-TO-CRADLE DESIGN Cradle-to-Cradle is a way of designing products to reduce environmental waste.  LUMA-iD are big believers in real change by good design. Well-designed products mean fewer products-for-landfill and a better world for us all. A lot of modern day products are designed to a cradle-to-grave mentality. Think of the world of […]


A Guide to Reverse Engineering

A GUIDE TO REVERSE ENGINEERING One of our most common requests as product designers is to reverse engineer an existing part or product. For various reasons, people may need minor tweaks to parts, or need to replace a part and would like a rapid 3D printed version. This is where […]

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We are on The Apprentice

The Apprentice on BBC One on Wednesday the 18th of October at 21:00. We are on The Apprentice! by Katie Buller Watch us help the candidates in their task to programme and sell a prototyped robot.  The Apprentice candidates are challenged with designing, programming and selling in a robot themed task. Watch the […]

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LUMA AT LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL 2017 by Kiran Sagar Come and check out the event in FESTA sul prato on the 23rd of September as part of the London Design Festival 2017. We will be doing some talks and demonstrations along with other designers in the local community to showcase projects […]