We worked with Jason Palmer – Inventor of Qbees on this exciting project at the start of 2012. It was a pleasure to work with Jason who allowed us creative freedom to take his original concept and produce the snap fit design. 

Product Specification:

  • 4cm x 4cm x 0.9cm 
  • Snap fit closure
  • Polypropylene (PP) parts
  • Fits a wide variation of headphone cable sizes
  • Star, Splat, Square, Heart and round designs
  • £15 RRP for a pack of 5

Find out more at         loveqbees.com

What are Qbees?

We all love those little white earphones, or your favourite cans, but they can look a little boring. Wouldn’t it be great if your accessories matched your look? Well now they can!

Choosing from 5 colours and shapes along with an infinite number of custom printed designs, Qbees snap around your headphone cables allowing to express yourself to the max!

Qbees are made of two parts:

Qbees – a small colourful plastic shell that snap together around your ear or headphone cable.

Qubes – These are the small ‘tiles’ that fit inside your Qbees. The Qubes allow us to print images or words on, so you can choose what you want, and we’ll print it for you.