Freefly VR: FF3

Proteus VR Labs is proud to announce Freefly FF3 - a hybrid AR and virtual reality headset ready to provide the ultimate window to all variations of immersive technology in a single device. Having enjoyed great success with the award-winning Freefly VR and Freefly VR Beyond, Proteus VR Labs have spent over a year developing an entirely new breed of headset that delivers wide field of view mixed reality experiences powered by smartphones. Mixed reality is expected to transform the way people access digital content. It is a more immersive version of augmented reality that, rather being consumed looking at a phone, the virtual objects are stereoscopic when seen through dual views, putting the virtual objects ‘in the world’ of the viewer.

Aside from being the first mobile phone powered Mixed Reality headsets, the Freefly FF3 supports several unique new features. A patent-pending wide-angle lens system, which upgrades the user’s back facing camera, widens theMixed Reality ‘play area’ to a whopping 180° improving on the limited field of views of dedicated mixed reality headsets. Being a hybrid AR/MR/VR headset, the Freefly FF3 now features removal sides (MR mode) to increase the sense of presence in the real world which the viewer can see in their peripheral vision.

In full VR mode, the sides are reattached, both of which feature new Aura Lighting technology. With its already market-leading 120° field of view, Aura Lighting takes immersion one step further, by stretching out the dominant colours of the VR content to the periphery of the viewer’s vision, reducing the porthole view effect found in today’s existing headsets. With its zero fogging design, centred weight of gravity and auto centre mechanism making it compatible with most modern smartphones, the Freefly FF3 is expected to be one of the most comfortable, easy to use and immersive headsets to use the latest mobile phone augmented reality technology.

design layout 4_NewIcons-02

design layout 4_NewIcons-03

Virtual reality is still the most immersive experience you can enjoy, but Mixed Reality is a fast developing complementary way to interact with information and 3D visuals. The Freefly team are inspired by the hundreds of augmented reality experiences that have been showcased so far. Google Expeditions AR is a highly compelling teaching aid; puzzle games like Arise from Climax Studios command a whole new form of dexterity and problem solving, and epic titles like The Machines by Directive Games and outdoor zombie thriller The Walking Dead: Our World by Next Games will set new bars in realism and intimacy. Proteus VR Labs is in discussion to work with developers to convert augmented reality titles to dual screen 3D for Mixed Reality mode.

With a fully working prototype built and a global network of interested retailers who stock existing Freefly products, Proteus VR Labs has launched a Crowdcube campaign to finance tooling, investment in Mixed Reality experiences and a marketing campaign synced to the release of the movie Ready Player One.



We couldn't have produced this product with the help and support from colleagues, friends and family. LUMA would like to thank Nick Allen, Chris McGee, Jonathan Tustain, Grant Fraser, Sam Janzen and Matt Passmore in particular for the help and the following companies. Cheers guys!


3DPRINTUK  provided us with over ten iterations of the Freefly. These were used as early concepts and then later on during production to tweak final issues. All the white prototypes you can see on this page were printed out of a nylon powder that is sintered with a laser using 3DPRINUK's EOS printing machinery. 

lasercut london

Lasercut.London supported LUMA during the entire prototyping and developed phase of the project. Using their fantastic laser cutting machinery we were able to quickly test our a wide variation of materials and  designs to fine tune the faceplate area of the headset.


Zappar worked with the Freefly team on the development of FF3 to ensure it is compatible with ZapBox content - the Google Cardboard style Kickstarter success story that uses markers and controllers to allow people to play a selection of virtual games in their real world. Straight out of the box, Freefly FF3 will be fully compatible with current and future ZapBox content.