Freefly VR Beyond

The Freefly VR Beyond is the latest Virtual reality headset designed here at LUMA-iD. The new and improved product was released in November 2016 and is adjustable, more comfortable and well ventilated, with the addition of unique triggers and sharper optics that make the gaming experience that much more immersive. 

Product Specification:

  • 120° Field of View;
  • Compatible with iOS and Android;
  • Crossfire™ trigger;
  • Compatible with Google Cardboard;
  • Lightweight Design;
  • Perforated breathable faux-leather;
  • Custom Ventilation System

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This was the next step of the VR experience trying to improve the usability of an already great product. The original Freefly VR Headset was only compatible with Android phones, however we have now developed the Freefly VR Beyond to also be compatible with iOS. 

We have also replaced the wireless bluetooth controller with dual Crossfire™ capacitive touch triggers that work with all Google Cardboard VR apps, both for iPhone and Android. This allows the user to interact with the games easily.

Freefly VR Beyond Launch Event

The Freefly VR Beyond was launched in November 2016. The launch event took place in Shoreditch with a rooftop view of London, where clients and virtual reality enthusiasts gathered to test the new product and find out for themselves what the new headset is all about. On the night we were able to talk to the various people that attended and show them how much fun virtual reality is. The Extreme Fliers drone was also used to show how VR and drones are a match made in heaven. As you can see from the video, the launch was a success and you can now buy the Freefly VR Beyond here

Freefly VR Beyond & Extreme Fliers Flight-case












We couldn't have produced this product with the help and support from colleagues, friends and family. LUMA would like to thank Nick Allen, Chris McGee, Jonathan Tustain, Grant Fraser, Sam Janzen and Matt Passmore in particular for the help and the following companies. Cheers guys!


3DPRINTUK  provided us with over ten iterations of the Freefly. These were used as early concepts and then later on during production to tweak final issues. All the white prototypes you can see on this page were printed out of a nylon powder that is sintered with a laser using 3DPRINUK's EOS printing machinery. 

Lasercut.London supported LUMA during the entire prototyping and developed phase of the project. Using their fantastic laser cutting machinery we were able to quickly test our a wide variation of materials and  designs to fine tune the faceplate area of the headset.

Extreme Fliers are a micro drone company that have shown a lot of interest in the Freefly VR Beyond. There is potential for Virtual reality and drones to come together to create a more immersive user experience. This relationship has been a great outcome from networking and is a unique selling point that makes Freefly VR stand out.