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Entries for this year's competition are now closed. 

Huge thankyou to everyone who submitted; we're currently working through your ideas and hope to announce the winner before the end of January.

If you still need an idea prototyped, give us a call or send an email to get a quote.


Have an idea?

We will prototype it for free!

Enter to WIN a total of £2000 of development:

  • £1000 of Prototype Design time with LUMA

  • £500 of SLS 3D printing with 3DPRINTUK

  • £200 of parts from RS Components

  • £300 of business coaching sessions from The British Design Fund

Competition closes: 20th January 2018






Competition Details:

Competition Brief:

  • We want you to come up with a product idea that makes life easier.
  • Your idea could help a specific group of people, or it could be intended to make a particular task easier.
  • It’s as simple as that! Just remember, the most important requirement is that your product must improve the lives of those who use it.

Entry fee:


Who can enter:

Anyone can enter! As long as we can contact you, either in person or over the phone, you’re in. Even if you can’t come to our studio, it’s amazing what can be achieved with video calling! (Open worldwide)

How the winner will be picked:

The winning design will be chosen by 3DPRINTUK’s CEO Nick Allen. He will be choosing the design based on usefulness, practicality, potential, and innovation.

How to submit your design:

Click the Submit Project button opposite to be taken to our competition submission form. Please note we require at least two pages of drawings/images with your submission - this isn't to assess your artistic ability, it just really helps us to visualise what you have in mind. Examples of what to include could be a collage of products that you like the style of and some images of the problem you've identified, or just some sketches of the idea you have in your head that you need prototyped. If in doubt, send us an email at


20th December 2017


20th January 2018T





Who are we?

LUMA Industrial Design

We specialise in Product Design and 3D printing. We are a small, focused team who can help our clients take the most basic sketch and turn it into a fully developed product. Design requires a mixture of experience, problem solving and creativity — that’s why we love it. From a pneumatic fist for SEGA's Warhammer 40k being shortlisted for the TCT awards, to launching pioneering virtual reality content with Björk, we've seen it all. If the 5-star ratings on Google aren't enough, then have a look around the website to see what we do and if you have a prototype that needs building or a product that needs designing; don’t hesitate to get in touch.


RS Components

At RS Components, we believe in giving you more than the right parts at the right price. From connecting you to like-minded people with different areas of expertise to giving you free access to powerful design tools and resources, we want to support you in realising your creative potential. 

I'm sure you've all heard of RS before for their indispensable components, but did you know they also offer design software? Check out: DesignSpark – an online sharing community with powerful, free design tools and resources, DesignSpark PCB – our free professional-quality electronics design software to reduce your concept to production time, DesignSpark Mechanical – our intuitive, award-winning 3D modelling tool for rapid prototyping, DesignSpark Electrical – our free, fully specified electrical CAD software that helps you save time with high accuracy and error-free designs.



At 3DPRINTUK we have mastered the process of printing in PA2200 Nylon, with no need for support material, virtually no layer lines and short turnaround times, so you are guaranteed a great print. We are a London based 3D Printing Service, using selective laser sintering (SLS) machines to produce accurate, strong and great value parts for all of your rapid prototyping needs.

3DPRINTUK are pioneers in 3D printing Low Volume Batch Production Runs and specialise in 3D Printed Prototypes and high-quality Bespoke Models. Call or email us to discuss your project.


The British Design Fund

The British Design Fund (the "Fund") is an early stage investment fund that specifically invests in, and provides support for, early-stage UK product design and manufacturing companies. The Fund seeks to work with extraordinary entrepreneurs, with scalable products, who are ready to accelerate growth into the retail space and build long-term value and thriving stand-out businesses. 



Terms & Conditions:

All entries must be submitted via the LUMA Blueprint Competition Submission Form online platform. No physical designs or email submissions will be accepted. All entries must be submitted on or before 20 January 2018 (GMT 23:59). No late submissions will be considered. We will not use any ideas entered to the competition, however no NDAs will be signed. If you require an NDA to be signed, please contact us directly.

By entering this competition, you warrant that: all details provided with your entry are true and accurate; you have all necessary rights and licenses to grant the rights set out in these terms; you are the copyright owner of the submitted photograph and/or images as its author, (and any individual whose image is featured in the photograph has given consent for the use of his/her image); the exercise of the rights granted to  in these terms will not infringe the rights of any third parties.

We assume no obligation, responsibility or liability for any expenses incurred by the entrants as a result of participating in this competition. The prizes offered will stay valid for one month starting from the end of submission and are neither transferable nor refundable. No personal details will be published without the contestants' prior approval sought in writing. Only the organisers will have access to any personal data provided by the contestants.

By entering this competition, the entrants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and agreed to be bound by them. The winner has one week after being contacted to respond, and if return contact is not made within that time period, the prizes will be forfeited. We will select another winner in accordance with the selection criteria set out. We reserve the right to refuse to honour any entry if they consider there has been an abuse of this competition or a breach of these terms. Our decision is final on any situation including any not covered in these terms. Please note that we will not enter into any correspondence concerning any decisions made.

View LUMA-iD's full terms and conditions here.

Further information:

Please be aware that this competition does not guarantee that your product will end up on the shelves! Whilst it will give you a good start the prize intends only to help you realise your idea as a prototype, not a finished product. In addition, as this is an open competition, please be aware that your designs may be published online for promotional purposes. If you have the intention of applying for a patent for your idea, please instead contact LUMA-iD directly.

The competition is open to everyone, including students and businesses; entrants are welcome to submit more than one idea. Products that are already on the market will be disqualified, however designs which you have already started will still be accepted. The winner will be notified by January 26th 2018. Non-winning entrants will be individually notified of the results. 

Please share this competition with your circle!

It's a fantastic opportunity for someone with an innovative idea: