By Mark Little

"3D printing jigs and fixings have recently become more popular in manufacturing, this is due to the low investment required to make them and companies understanding the benefits of the investment."


20141017_153757 (Medium)Speed & Quality 

Speed and quality are everything in manufacturing. Processes that take a lot of fussy inputs or require a lot of confusing steps will always lead to quality issues. We have worked with many different companies to produce 3D Printed and CNC machined jigs and fixings to improve the speed and quality of the production process.

solidworks_jigExamples of Jigs and Fixings;

  • Applying product labels
  • Applying tampo prints (decals)
  • Gluing parts together
  • Clamping parts together
  • Holding awkward or heavy parts for comfortable access
  • QC testing functions
  • QC testing stresses
  • Protecting any vulnerable areas through the production line
  • Packing or packaging a product


At LUMA “Poka-yoke” is one of our favourite sayings, it is a Japanese term that means "mistake-proofing" or “inadvertent error prevention” and we try to implement it as much as possible with any components that require putting together.

The yellow part below can only be fitted one way due to a little extended edge on one side. This is also located at the front of the part so during assembly no time is wasted sliding the part on and then finding out it does not fit. Poka-yoke

If you are struggling with a tricky assembly or need help to improve your production process please drop us a line on 020 869 22873 or email us at projects@luma-id.com

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