Rendering Process


By Hannaan Bhatti

Creating accurate visual representations for our clients is a great way of showing what a product could look like before proceeding onto the manufacturing stage. This is the stage at which we can experiment with materials, finishes and colours to help the client make an informed choice on what is a very important decision.

We use a program called Keyshot which allows us to specify:

  • Surrounding context background environment.
  • Materials and textures on surfaces of models.
  • Lighting conditions.

As well as rendered images being used independently, they can also be added to presentation boards, which are more commonly used for marketing and advertising.


Process of Rendering:

1. The model is created using SolidWorks, our 3D modelling software. We then make sure that each part is a different colour - this allows us to assign a different material to each component in Keyshot.

2. Once imported into Keyshot, we can specify the:

  • Materials of parts of the product.
  • Background image, showing the product in a realistic situation.
  • Lighting environment, to give real-world reflections and make the image look almost like a photograph.
  • Rendering Process Stage 1 by Luma-iD: CAD Model

HDRI Maps:

HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image and it is this that provides the lighting environment for the product render. We can use real photographs to build a lighting environment, and this means that the product will have accurate reflections of lights, windows or other objects around it, making for a truly realistic image. Furthermore, this can create context for the product, showing it in a place where it might actually be used.


We use Photoshop as part of the post-process of rendering. This is a very useful process to adjust colours of certain parts of the render to enhance the realism more. If a client wanted to add a certain style to the overall image to match their branding and presentation boards, using Photoshop is ideal for this.

Also, once the renders has been done, you can create impressive animations using Keyshot. This can be used to create:

  1. Exciting looking adverts for your product.
  2. A video showcasing the internal components of a product.
  3. A video to highlight certain features of the product.

Final Render:

Capture 4


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