Brand Guidelines edition 1.4 Page 05 Alternate Logos for Freefly VR

How to create brand guidelines for an existing brand in 5 steps

HOW TO CREATE BRAND GUIDELINES FOR AN EXISTING BRAND IN 5 STEPS By Sam Janzen At LUMA we are experts in taking ideas all the way from concept to production, which includes all packaging, graphics and branding. It’s common to take organically grown styles and turn them into robust and […]

Rendering Process by Luma-iD: Final Render

Rendering Process

RENDERING PROCESS By Hannaan Bhatti Creating accurate visual representations for our clients is a great way of showing what a product could look like before proceeding onto the manufacturing stage. This is the stage at which we can experiment with materials, finishes and colours to help the client make an informed […]

Prototype Models 1 by Luma-iD

Why Prototype?

WHY PROTOTYPE? By Mark Little  Maybe to a lot of people this seems a strange question, you have an idea and you know what you want, why prototype, why not go straight to the final design?    Test, Refine, Repeat 3D CAD design is a wonderful thing, and offers the […]