Camera Rig for Sony


by Nathan Weston

With Youtube and Facebook leading the way, 360 video is becoming the next big thing in virtual experiences (something we know a little bit about). From viewing a total solar eclipse in Svalbard to speeding through Jakku desert in the Star Wars universe, there really is huge range of videos available. Now with our help, Sony have added to that range with a short film of the Rise Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Having already produced the worlds best camera in a leading smartphone, and the worlds first 4K smartphone, Sony have now created the first 360 degree video shot entirely on Xperia Z5 Compact devices. With each filming at 4k resolution, the 12 phones are arranged within the rig we helped design and build, to create a total 360 resolution of 48k.

sony_web 2

Our friends at REWIND came to us with a brief of how the phones should be arrayed and a 3DS Max file, from which we produced a Solidworks model split into quadrants that could be prototyped using an FDM 3D printer. After that it was a case of gluing and bolting the parts together into a rigid enough structure to survive the trip up a mountain.

camera rig.55 



The video was premiered at the Sony booth at CES 2016 in Las Vegas or for a truly immersive experience you can view it using your Freefly VR headset through the Youtube android app. 


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