C1 Models Keyshot 5 Rendered wheels for car model kits

Wicked wheels for C1 Models

WICKED WHEELS FOR C1 MODELS By Matt Passmore We’ve been working with Chris from C1 Models for a while and have created some of our coolest CAD designs with him. Based on tuned performance cars, C1 Models produce original model kits for collectors all over the world and we get the best job […]

industrial design london, concept car, concept hypercar london, Computer Aided Design (CAD) CAD model of The Crius high performance car back view

Introducing the Crius

INTRODUCING THE CRIUS by Tom Sheppard The Crius, by Lightweight Engineering, a high performance single-seater road & track car designed purely for the thrill of driving and engineered to deliver the most raw, visceral and thrilling driving experience possible. One thing that we all share in common here at LUMA […]