Glasses Concept Design by LUMA Industrial Design

3D Scanning and the SMART Glasses project

3D SCANNING AND THE SMART GLASSES PROJECT by Matt Passmore In a previous post we talk about the SMART glasses project being undertaken by Dr. Stephen Hicks. Here we look at the technique that we used to help us create the CAD models – ‘3D scanning’. 3D scanning is a method […]

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LUMA-iD Watch Concept

LUMA-iD WATCH CONCEPT by Mark Little The LUMA Watch Concept; we undertook this project as a bit of a design exercise and because we love watches! Specification: Unique star shaped cut glass 50mm overall width Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Water resistant to 100m Swiss made Hard coated stainless steel torx bolts […]

Develop 3D June magazine cover

DEVELOP 3D June 2015 Cover Story

DEVELOP 3D JUNE COVER STORY by LUMA-iD It was an absolute delight talking to Tanya Weaver from Develop3D and sharing the roller coaster ride it has been to go from a 3D Printed concept to a new business and a packaged, completed Freefly VR product. The full story can be […]