By Matt Passmore

A few months ago we were approached by a group who were part way through a mammoth task. They had taken on the restoration of a Ruston Proctor SCLA (Steam Compound Light Argentinian) Traction Engine, built in 1908 for ploughing fields and exported to Argentina with over 1,000 others. With the introduction of oil powered tractors and the demise of steam very few survived at all, with almost all essential parts removed and repurposed. 

3 vital parts that were missing were the gears that made up the differential, two of which are almost 2 feet in diameter. It was these 3 gears that we were asked to model, which would allow the group to ultimately cast the gears that they needed. These were complex models and we now have a lot more respect for how complicated gears are! We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished gears and at some point in the future the finished traction engine.

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