Freefly of Hoxton


by Sam Janzen

Here at LUMA we sometimes get out of the office. Sometimes we even go for a drink! However, a few weeks back we decided to take our work to the Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch and show it around (under our Freefly aliases). On top of a roof bar in the middle of super-trendy London you can see for miles (and seemingly miles upwards with all the tall buildings around), but people were more interested in what we had to show on our phones. The atmosphere was buzzing; there were queues of people waiting to try the Freefly VR, hindered only by the fact Jon's phone rapidly ran out of charge.

Amongst the chats about whether they could take the Freefly home with them, people started inventing new apps that they wanted to play. Barring some particularly wacky ideas ("there should be virtual food!"), most of the ideas were actually available to show people. Rollercoasters, tranquil lakes and deep sea diving amongst the list of favourites, but also the new VR app for the film Insurgent. There was a certain pleasure in showing one person of a group and not the others, and letting them explain it, ("I was in a lab... then I was standing on a building and the city exploded! There were birds I think?"). Try it out!

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