Lens Recycle


by Sam Janzen

Just over a year ago Mark purchased a pair of glasses from a well-known high street retailer, the deal was great buy-1-get-1-free. The problem was, the first pair Mark picked he loved, however the second pair, was well, a second choice. The yellow frames have sat around, unused and it bothered me. Mark's hasn't changed so we decided we would load up Solidworks and design Mark a new pair, looking the way he wanted and recycling some perfectly good lenses.

The curvature of the lens was the tricky bit to get right, but the 3D Print and lenses fitted together perfectly. On a version 2, now we can measure the depth of the lenses accurately relative to the frame, we will add some snap fits which removes the need for any gluing.

We will also play with the styling more but it’s a great base line to work from that we know the lens fit is good and that they fit around my nose and ears comfortably.

This design process highlighted some real advantages to 3D Printing and designing your own products;

Design how I want it: Folding arms isn't really important to me so the design can be much cleaner as a single piece.
Custom fit: If I wanted to I could adjust the arms and nose position to fit me perfectly, the human face is not symmetrical.
Lighter: The old yellow frames weight 300g, the single piece nylon SLS 3D Print only weighs 100g.

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