Emerald Street


By Sam Janzen

Last year Sarah Carr from EverythingInBetween asked for our help on some special lettering required for a new set of signs in Emerald St London. Sarah had some 2D layouts of the lettering but only an idea of how the bevelling would translate into 3D. We worked with Sarah to create a beautiful and consistent look that worked in 3D, slightly tweaking some of the more complicated numbers including 4 & 8 so the shape really worked.

This is a great case study for 3DPrinting, a process which enables the manufacture of a finished product with no need to pay for expensive tooling. Once we had designed the numbers in CAD it was simply a case of Sarah choosing which ones she required - no further CAD required. Drop us an email if you have a similar project and require the CAD for 3DPrinting.

Photos by Jack Hobhouse, 3D Printing by 3DPRINTUK.

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