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LUMA-iD specialises in Product Design and prototyping. We are a small, focused team who can help our clients take the most basic sketch and turn it into a fully developed product. Design requires a mixture of experience, problem solving and creativity — that’s why we love it. Have a look around the website to see what we do and if you have a prototype that needs building or a product that needs designing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Once a brief has been discussed and agreed, we dive straight into the design process, bringing to life a large variety of CONCEPTS. This stage involves continual communication with the client by presenting ideas through sketches, mood boards, and even those small exciting doodles. Once an initial design has been chosen we will move onto CAD.

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The best way of communicating a design is through the use of CAD. We take a clients concept and produce drawings, with accurate measurements, features and surface finishes. These digital models can then be presented as rendered images and working drawings, to bring that concept one step closer to being manufactured.

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PROTOTYPING is one of the most important stages of the design process. Using rapid prototyping to produce 3D printed models of a design can help us find issues and areas for improvement. It is the best way of showing a client what their concept will look like as a final product. With our new very own FDM 3D printer, we are able to print our CAD models in a matter of hours.

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The final stage of PRODUCTION is where we take all the research, testing, sketches and prototypes and input them into the manufacturing processes and materials, to produce a final product. Taking all aspects of a product's form and function into consideration, and finding the most suitable ways to produce it, as this is the only way to get the best results.

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We use our knowledge and expertise in design to help brainstorm the possibilities for your idea. The vital stage of market research and user research are important when compiling a design specification for each project and we help provide you with as much information as possible.

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Our small team of specialist product designers can take your idea from concept to CAD, prototypes and finally production. With connections to manufacturers, suppliers and new technologies, we can solve your design problems and help your vision a reality.

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An important aspect of taking your design to the market is protecting your product through patents, trademarks, design registrations and copyrights. We will assist you in any applications you may need to ensure your product is legally protected. We have experience in US, UK & EU applications and can provide patent drawings and the most suitable and cost-effective methods.

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The majority of design work we do, involves CAD in some way. We can use CAD to produce high-quality 3D prints and even prepare files for manufacturers. Our skills in CAD modelling mean we can produce models with a fast turn around and also provide our CAD service alone, for reverse engineer and simple one-off design work.

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Rendering is a great way of communicating an idea or design, therefore we pay a lot of attention to detail, to present images and presentations of products. Our service provides high quality, photo-realistic images that can be used for branding, advertising and even boards for investor presentations. We can also explore materials and finishes at this stage of the design process, to find the most aesthetically pleasing solution.

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Our graphic design services allows you to brand your product and also decide on names, logos and colour schemes for any design. We use graphic design for presentations, leaflets and even packaging design, We provide a graphic design service that will develop any design to be ready for the market.

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F R E E F L Y   V R   B E Y O N D
Freefly beyond

The Freefly VR Beyond is the latest virtual reality headset designed here at LUMA-iD.

F R E E F L Y   V R

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Convert your smart phone into a fully immersive virtual reality headset.

F R A M E   A G A I N

Frame Again.50

Preserve your memories in style with the picture frame you can personalise, delivered to your door.



Customisable and fun children’s headphone accessory in five fantastic shapes.

S Q U A S H   B A L L   W A R M E R

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 18.22.52

Warm your squash ball to the perfect playing temperature in two minutes







  • “I’ve really been enjoying working with Matt at LUMA on my automotive design project. He put so much thought into my project, beyond what I was expecting and has been a great partner to work with. I highly recommend working with LUMA and look forward to collaborating on future projects together.”


    Stephen Levinson
  • “Brilliant Service from the guys as usual, they know what they are doing and have the experience and expertise to get your product market ready.”


    Create Originate
  • “Always a pleasure doing business with Luma!! I sent brief’s for CAD work without worrying for one bit, I know am gonna get something back that’s worth my money! The best!!”


    Demetris Constantinou
  • “Used Luma-iD for several projects. Their service is swift and professional, following the brief to the T. Will continue to use and come highly recommended.”


    Chris Hales
  • “Worked with these guys many many times. They’re prompt, professional and very good value for money. Strongly recommended!”


    Nick Allen
  • “A Great team at Luma ID. I have worked with them for a little under 2 years and they have helped me take my idea from a scrap of paper to production. Thanks to everyone who have worked on the project so far! Five Stars from me!”


    Nic Carr


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 Building something rather cool for a client. #prototype #3dprinting #cad #solidworks #engineering #london #design #fdm  Foam headset mockups. #prototype #industrialdesign #productdesign #engineering #design
 Our FDM printer with white PLA filament could easily be mistaken for SLS nylon parts (only when the geometry is fairly basic). #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad #b2b #solidworks #fusion360  The build of "Mega Desk v2.0" #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad #b2b #solidworks #fusion #london
 Lovely SLA printed parts ready to be sent to us for assembly. #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad #b2b #solidworks #sla  .... And we are all up and running as normal in our new studio! #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad #b2b #solidworks
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 Come and say hi at our open studios at @thamessidestudiosse18 from midday until 6pm. #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad  Come over and say hi to our design team and new studio located within Thames Side Studios this Sunday between 12-6pm. Some of our product designs and prototypes will be out on display as well as our 3D Printer running all day. #prototype #productdesign #engineering #3dprinting #cad #b2b #solidworks #engineering #3dprinting #london
 Medical product design using @solidworks software. #prototype #productdesign #engineering #cad #b2b #london  LUMA 2018 Internship Details We are looking for our next intern to join our tribe, interested? read on... We work on a multitude of different projects, ranging from one-off reverse engineering all the way up to fully fledged products that are headed for worldwide markets. This year we are moving to a studio twice the size of our current location and will be developing our in-house prototyping abilities with a dedicated production space. If we sound like the kind of company you'd like to spend the year with, please read on! The ideal candidate LUMA is a small, close-knit team and we therefore need someone who will fit in and work hard. The ideal student will be well rounded with great enthusiasm, good organisational skills and a willingness to learn. Skills in Solidworks and/or Fusion 360 are a must and knowing your way around Keyshot would be beneficial. We also build lots of prototypes so being good with your hands is a bonus. The role will require direct communication with clients - good people skills and the ability to explain information clearly is important! Key information University status: You must be a university undergraduate student for the duration of the placement. We cannot accept final year students who will be graduating before or during the placement. Starting date: 15th June Salary: Travel expenses + commission Office hours: 9am-5pm Location: Units TW01-02 Trinity Wharf Harrington Way London SE18 5NR Great Britain What our previous interns think: Beau Mclaren: 'LUMA-iD has been great, and although you have a lot of independence you always have a strong team behind you. It gave me an insight into the workings of a small design consultancy and overall was a fantastic step to becoming an industrial designer.' Jamie Balfour: 'As a placement student at LUMA-iD, you are given a huge amount of responsibility and independence. It's a place where the more you put in the more you get out and I've not only felt supported but valued as a designer during my time here.' Next steps If you feel that this is the placement for you, please email us at Good luck! Team LUMA