Our company specialises in Product Design and 3D printing. We are a small, focused team who can work with you from paper to production. Design requires a mixture of experience, problem solving and creativity — that’s why we love it. Have a look round the website to see what we do and if you have a prototype that needs building or a product that needs designing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


compass_19 Experience

Freefly VR, Frame Again and Qbees are the latest projects that we have taken from concept to production, along with over one hundred and fifty 3D Printing design commissions in the last twelve months.

contract-3 Network

Connections are essential in the realisation of products. We are great at what we do, but we don’t try to do everything. LUMA has built up an extensive network of like-minded 3D printing bureaus, Far-East suppliers, laser cutters and CNC machinists.

nib Creativity and Quality

We believe that although speed is important, quality and creativity are essential to making great products. We would rather take longer by working together with you to create something amazing and fully tested, than rush a bad product to market.



Live Image Feed

Sharing some of our favorite images and projects created by LUMA Industrial Design.
Our Instagram feed of images is shown below.