Silicone Moulding Blog Post Cover Photo


SILICONE MOULDING PROCESS By Hannaan Bhatti Introduction Here at LUMA, we are often asked about the best way to prototype rubber components. Whilst this can be achieved with 3D printing, we’ve found that this is still a very expensive method, recently being quoted over £300 for a single component about the size of a large fruit […]

The finished Power Fist, in all it's destructive glory!


THE POWER FIST! By Matt Passmore LUMA-iD were approached by to help create an epic prop for the upcoming video game, ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ by SEGA and Relic Entertainment. The Power Fist is worn by the Space Marines in the future fantasy world and gives the wearer superhuman punching power. We […]


3D Printer 2

FLASH FORGE CREATOR PRO REVIEW 2 By Kiran Sagar After having had the printer for 3 months we are still using it almost every day and learning the optimum print settings and conditions to be able to get a perfect print. Now that we have used the printer for a few months, it is about […]

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Freefly VR Beyond & Extreme Fliers Flight-case

FREEFLY VR BEYOND & EXTREME FLIERS FLIGHT-CASE By Kiran Sagar   Freefly VR Beyond was launched at the end of last year, so we decided to develop a flight-case to display the new headset at exhibitions, shows and conferences. This idea came from the possibility of joining with Extreme Fliers, a Micro drone company that […]


Animal Camera Collar

ANIMAL CAMERA COLLAR By Hannaan Bhatti   We were approached by the BBC, with a need to further develop an Animal Camera Collar. Working with Duncan Parker, a wildlife cameraman who is working on a new wildlife features series, due to be release in June 2017. One of the programs he was involved in was […]